.NET development

.NET isn’t just a software framework, it’s a solution for many of the world’s websites, APIs, and desktop software. The .NET framework powers many of today’s applications in all types of industries including healthcare, finance, IT and government. .NET is a workhorse designed to make life easier for developers, eliminating headaches like it eliminates the need for a lot of that dull development coding. Here at Efcom we use .NET to power many of the solutions offer, as the framework boasts a few distinct advantages.

Easy fluency

The two main languages in .NET development are C# and VB.NET, the programming language version of a couple of old friends for many developers. C# got its beginnings as a Java competitor, so its syntax is very similar and it has a C-style syntax that makes it easy for other developers to migrate into the language. VB.NET is also familiar to many developers as it is the next generation language from Microsoft’s old Visual Basic compiler.

The major benefit of .NET development is that it enables the programmer to concentrate on system and architectural considerations and provide a logical solution rather than worry about programming specific issues. This makes .NET developed application more derived from system level thinking rather than from low level programming considerations and limitations. For example, in many cases class content has to be saved and loaded from a file. In unmanaged code — due to lack of reflection – it has always been a time consuming task, while in .NET it’s done with one line of code using the build it serialization functionality. .NET development languages are also compiled, which gives you some advantages over open-source interpreted platforms.

A welcoming environment

.NET’s Visual Studio is one of the most advanced, easy-to-use IDEs for developers. Working with Visual Studio and its incorporated Team Foundation Server (change control solution) is far more convenient than many of e other IDEs on the market. And as anyone who has ever eaten nachos from the 7/11 at three in the morning knows, convenience is a beautiful thing.

Visual Studio also has its own open-source repository where coders can import third-party dependencies. NuGet makes applying these dependencies as easy as performing a search and clicking “Install.” If it were any easier you wouldn’t get to call yourself a developer anymore. You would be a clicker. And clickers probably don’t get paid much.

An opportunity you can’t ignore

Whether you want an ecommerce store, a content site, or a standard blog, .NET has the right tools to build your application from the ground up. If you’re in the market for an application and need to decide between .NET or any other framework, .NET is a far superior and robust solution. It isn’t often that the easy way can also be the right way, so in honor of all those shortcuts you’ve tried to take in your life that turned out horribly, you simply must seize this opportunity.