Software engineering for defense

Defense agencies and security contractors worldwide need to adapt to the dynamic security landscape. The best way of doing this is embracing innovative and advanced software technologies. From gathering intelligence to executing time-sensitive mission plans, the right combination of software, personnel, and equipment, yields positive results.

Custom Software for Defense

Efcom designs and develops embedded software for military, intelligence, and aerospace use.  We are known for deploying superior solutions and meeting the complex software and hardware needs of clients on time. Our systems support modern defense paradigms such as Performance-based logistics, contracting for availability, and condition-based maintenance. From the top command to the battle, we can supply you with integrated software for land, air, and naval operations.

Our engineers have years developing custom software and systems for command and control, military messaging, and electronic warfare. Our main aim is to create and deliver fully-integrated and mission specific software with robust capabilities. Whether you want real-time mission software or safety-critical embedded systems, we have got your needs covered.

Unmatched Capabilities in Software Development

Efcom’s unmatched engineering capabilities and systems integration expertise has been instrumental in developing the next-generation of software for defense and security contractors. We excel at forging collaborative partnerships and our engineers are adept at design of new systems and real-time platform technologies and applications. Our involvement goes beyond conceptualization spanning the system lifecycle.

Our capabilities:

  • real-time embedded software development
  • Communication systems, digital and analog.
  • Modelling with Matlab
  • Motion control
  • Systems engineering and electronics design
  • Signal processing (embedded platforms)
  • Imaging solutions in visible & near visible light
  • Active noise reduction and vibration control
  • Advanced algorithm development and implementation
  • High speed data acquisition and processing
  • Advanced DSP and FPGA solutions
  • User interfaces on Windows, Linux and RTOS platforms

Why Use Our Software Solutions?

Time and again, Efcom’s has proven that its software for military, defense, and homeland security is a game-changer in the battlefield. Our embedded systems and integrated software can enhance combat readiness and increase mission effectiveness as well. Each application that we deploy can equally reduce operational risk and maximize the tactical and operational value of your equipment. We are known for delivering within a short notice and at a price that competitors can’t match.

You can look forward to streamlined planning, improved transparency and collaboration, and successful force deployments. All our engineers and developers are familiar with various standards such as ISO 12207 and regulatory requirements. So, nothing will be overlooked at each phase of development.

Trained & Qualified Software Engineers

Tap the skills and expertise of talented and battle-tested engineers at Efcom to develop and deploy your next military-grade software.  Our system engineers can help boost the performance of security professionals and armed forces while helping them meet their safety and security needs efficiently and effectively.

You can count on our team to create and deploy a software will fulfill your operational needs and meet all ironclad security requirements. If you so wish, you can rely on their expertise to integrate systems with third party standalone software. From tactical planning to mission execution, you can rest assured their input will reduce lifecycle costs and enhance the performance of critical assets and systems.