System Development

Developing a functional system which incorporates multiple sensors and display units is a challenging task.  Besides having many technologies to comprehend, the modern system developer has to contend with various communications problems, limitations, and to comply with specific industry requirements. The majority of system engineers face problems when combining all these elements into a functional system so as to fulfill customers’ needs. As a result, many IT companies choose to offer customers convenient solutions but miss out on specific user requirements. Our system engineers have proven technological and industry-specific multidisciplinary experience, thus, they can help you develop and implement a customized system that addresses your specific needs and requirements.

Efcom offers a wide range of solutions such as: System engineering, Software and hardware development, optimization, proof of concept creation, fast prototyping for various industries and diverse customers’ needs. We are fully committed to delivering enterprise-class solutions that are fully compatible with various applications and globally recognized standards.  We cover the full spectrum of system development from design, architecture, analysis, implementation, to testing. Our seasoned developers have a wealth of experience in deploying cost-effective systems. Whether you require advanced imaging systems for medical use or upgrade to automotive mechanic systems, we are able to tailor a solution that addresses and fulfills your needs fully.

Our Approach to System Development

Each system development project starts with a careful evaluation of a company’s key components. Our aim is to get an accurate picture that provides us with valuable information to map out a new system. Our system engineers will address shortcomings in the current system and integrate existing components into leaner transformation. During implementation, we follow a meticulous plan that recognizes milestones and established metrics while creating room for continuous assessments.

We don’t subscribe to the idea of “one-fits-it-al” solutions. Each system is developed with the customer’s needs in mind and according to the specified requirements. For instance, when developing imaging systems, we consider all relevant aspects: Communication (GigE, USB2, Analog, CameraLink), Optics and imaging (Sensor/pixel size, shutter type, sensitivity etc), Computing (Development platform, SDKs to use, performance optimization method etc). If you have an ineffective system or just want to develop a new one, we’re happy to implement optimized imaging systems that snugly fit your applications allowing you to capture, process, store, and deliver information in the right viewing formats.

Customizing Systems for Various Applications

Efcom is an industry leader in the engineering, development, integration, and implementation of custom systems for various applications and projects. We have a wealth of experience developing and customizing systems for large format digital printing, biomedical research, homeland security, medical/clinical and other applications. Our tailor-made systems provide our customers with all the functionality they need in their applications. Similarly, all our solutions are visually-appealing as we use talented UX/UI experts in user interface design tasks.

  • Diagnostic/Medical Imaging systems
  • Large Digital Printer systems
  • Biological Microscopy systems
  • Mechanical systems
  • Analytical Instrumentation systems
  • Homeland security

Why Choose Us

Efcom is towel grounded in every aspect of system development and deployment allowing us to deliver fully-functional systems that meet the rigorous demands and specific requirements of customers. We offer end-to-end solutions from developing, testing, modifying, and maintaining new systems at the same time analyzing, troubleshooting and fixing faulty systems. You can hire us with confidence because our systems are:

  • Compliant with global standards
  • Highly reliable
  • Optimized for performance
  • User-friendly
  • Cost-effective in medium-long term
  • Modular /extensible

Our custom solutions are user-friendly, easy to setup, and require minimal maintenance.