Efcom is our subcontractor responsible for every aspect of software, specifically for
the interface of the various hardware components, like the camera. In fact, without Efcom’s help and their initiative to work round the clock, we would not have been able to
operate the new camera, which required changes to the interface of the camera operating
software. I want to note that working with Efcom enables us, as a research group, to be
optimally flexible in combining research with quick and effective coding necessary for
timely and efficient system activation.
I sincerely recommend considering Efcom for our additional R & D projects.”

EfCom was a software development subcontactor for Jettable.
EfCom defined flexible software architecture for Jettable printer models.
This architecture includes controlling of motion system and IO modules, managing electronics systems, and transferring the data from the computer to the print heads.

EfCom designed an intuitive GUI, managed the printer functionality for different users, including multilanguage support.
The software includes a built-in hierarchical diagnostics module, with variable filters to different users (operator, technician).
The software was developed from scratch to operation phase with speed and entirely by EfCom.”


Avi Feinschmidt,
R&D Director
Jettable Ltd

“During the ongoing development of the printhead the need for a life tester was suggested.

In an atmosphere of constant requirement changes (as the result of product changes and improvements), EfCom’s collaboration and contribution to the process of developing the new tool, from the early stages, was huge.

Alex and Tal made their best to meet our requirements within a tight time frame. The final product is state of the art in terms of data collection, display and storage, as well as tester monitoring and control.

The application, designed by EfCom, has already proven itself in the first live test and will definitely serve us in future tests.

I sincerely recommend EfCom for their professional and reliable work.


Dan Bavli
Physicist, print head R&D


“I worked with Alex on several projects, mainly in the field of software interface for camera, including those which involved working with third parties. In every department, work with Alex is easy and smooth.

Alex is characterized by dynamism, initiative, and excellent human relations.

Completely committed to the project as an impeccable team member and contributing in every way, including above normal hours and workdays, in order to advance the project towards an early and successful finish.

Will certainly collaborate with EfCom on future projects. ”


Gal Maliah,
System Engineer
Real Imaging

“Alex worked with the company’s development team on several occasions: during the initial development stages and during prototype improvement.
In my opinion Alex is characterized by professionalism in hardware /software interface.
He understands system requirements quickly and offers solutions which work.

Alex was for us part of the team: committed himself to the task and worked with us at every stage of the development – until the installment of a verified solution. ”


Uzi Aharoni,
Real Imaging

“Haldor Advanced Technologies has developed a medical device to increase patient safety during surgical procedures.
Thanks to EfCom various skills in the software development life cycle, Haldor has achieved it’s critical mile stones and increase the
probability to bring the solution to the market in a high quality and in a very short time-to-market.

EfCom was involved in a various projects by Haldor and proofed it’s efficiency, professionalism and fast turn around time over and over.”


Guy Dor 

System Development Department Manager

Haldor Advanced Technologies Ltd.

“MATAN Mashkantaot is a mortgage consulting company.
The company has developed a unique economic algorithm which divides mortgage tracks so that overall financing charges are the lowest possible for a set of dozens of parameters, such as: monthly repayment capacity, existing capital, future capital, loans you can taken while checking the mortgage breakeven points, and a recommendation concerning repayment for the period.

The system is complex and processes millions of possible combinations for taking a mortgage while choosing the optimal track which maximizes the borrower’s profit.
The system was defined by MATAN company and developed by Efros Tal from Efcom company. The system is complex, requiring thought and attention to thousands of details comprising it.

The system has been presented to large corporations in the market and is greatly appreciated by them.

Gratefully and wholeheartedly recommended.”

Ilon Lior,


“We have been working with Alex and his team for the last two years.
Efcom has implemented a large program to control an automated screening microscope.
The program includes coordination of four sub-system interfaces, synchronization of fast real-time opto-mechanical events, and modular operation via flexible automated scripting language.

All of the aspects of the software were handled competently, with great attention and response to the system requirements and to usability.

Implementation of real-world decision algorithms (e.g. setting the fast Laser AutoFocus subsystem), and optimization of the overall system speed were carried out with understanding of the technical background and the application needs.

Following our full satisfaction with Alex’s team work, he was issued to develop the commercial implementation of the analysis pipe-line for microscope screens data. ”

Prof. Z. Kam,
Molecular Cell Biology

Weizmann Institute of Science

We are very pleased to have chosen EfCom for an artificial-vision project.
We enjoy reliability, delivery according to schedule, and prompt response.
Moreover, great knowledge and critical experience in image processing, application development, and support in system requirements definition.

“I required an expert who could handle projects involving both hardware and software at all levels, with excellent knowledge in the realm of video capturing and display.
Alex surpassed all my expectations and had the job done much before the deadline, working around the clock.
He is an energetic, brilliant software engineer and architect, with excellent skills.
He is a dedicated, dynamic and motivated person, a professional and dedicated advisor who will find the required answer and consider all options. I would be happy to work with Alex on future projects.”


Yaron Blustein,

“EfCom is a bunch of most talented and smart people who are experts in what they do.

EfCom delivers high quality and professional work with most creative thinking and problem solving.

EfCom , lead by Alex and Tal, significantly contributes to the development process and their work is most valuable. Besides their proffesionalism, we enjoy their company, high reliability and good spirit.”


Yael Einav, PhD
Manager, Usability Engineering
Haldor Advanced Technologies Ltd.

EfCom, headed by Mr. Alex Efros, provides professional software solutions, more than answering high demands after studying complicated problems.

EfCom has developed and still develops our System Operation Software package and Image Processing softwarepackage comprising most sophisticated algorithms.

The products supplied by EfCom are based on industrial experience resulting in efficient dialogue with us – as system developers – to achieve technological, business and time schedule goals.”


Dr. Mordechai Brestel
Idea Bio-Medical Ltd.

“LDS company researches, develops, and manufactures real-time mineral scan systems for control and monitoring purposes during production. The company’s systems are based on advanced electro-optical technologies and naturally require unique and complex software.

We had been looking for a software company with an understanding of technology and a readiness for prompt and flexible development processes according to our and our clients’ specifications.

Beginning with 2006, in contrast to other companies we have had experience with, EfCom company and those heading it, Alex and Tal Efros, evinced reliability, performance within schedule, and an impressive ability to meet and exceed all requirements.

Already at the initial meetings we were impressed with their quick grasp of the system, their ability to translate complex requirements into integrated and practical solutions.

We were likewise impressed with the rate and speed with which they offered and realized reliable, creative solutions.

Open-mindedness and freedom from bureaucratic rigidity – which characterizes large software corporations – combined with a thorough understanding of the system, complete involvement, initiative, agility, and especially the commitment to realize our “dreams” resulted in

EfCom’s complete involvement in system definition and in imaginative solutions which enabled the expeditious development of sophisticated software.

The complex and unique software which draws continuous praise from the company’s clients is no less the result of professional, imaginative and patient team work.

We hope and believe that our successful collaboration will continue.
Your success is our success. ”

Ron Mishli,
Laser Detect Systems