A bioreactor for Spirulina cultivation

Spirulina algae harvested from a bioreactor

Develop the circuitry and control electronics along with the relevant software for an automated backbone technology for farming microalgae in an ultra-high density photobioreactor. It allows the cultivation of micro and nano algae biomass such as Spirulina at a drastically reduced cost and footprint. The product is processed into high-value chemicals such as β-carotene, astaxanthin, fatty acids, phycobilin pigments, and proteins.

  • Dramatically reduces setup costs.
  • Requires no specialized staff, a computer makes all decisions.
  • Allows remote operation of the production facility.
  • Cost-effective, leverages the recent technological developments in LED, microprocessor, and sensor technologies.
  • Grows a very high-grade product at a competitive price.
  • One unit produces a yield comparable to a 500 sq. meter farm.