A system for spectroscopic mineral analyses

Efcom began working on the project during the testing stage of Version 1. During Version 1 we mostly attended to bugs requiring urgent treatment, allowing the system release on schedule. After the initial urgent session, a full revision and stabilization on tight schedule insured the system’s continued functionality.

The design of version 2 was entirely Efcom‘s based on the experience previously gained.
We designed a complex multi-threaded system connected to many different hardware devices, using different protocols (USB, IO boards, Serial ports).

The software manages the lasing sequence and evaluates and reports the quality of the mineral using complicated mathematical algorithms.
The system constantly displays to the user the status of all hardware devices and logs all results.
The quality-assurance algorithm is dynamically loaded from all existing algorithms and may be easily replaced or added.
The entire software is optimized to run in real time and perform complicated mathematical and statistical analysis.
Several other applicationsare likewise included to ensure simple development of correct analysis algorithms.