Why Efcom?

Efcom is not your typical run-of-the-mill software development company.
We develop and integrate software and hardware solutions where the need might be known, but not the path to address it;
where requirements are so stringent, they rarely make sense to ordinary thinkers;
where accuracy, reliability and durability are so important, lives actually depend on them;
where if not for our integrity and confidence, some of the most sensitive industries would not risk employing us.

Companies in a variety of industries reach out to Efcom when they require a high-level of creativity and support in the development of unique solutions,
often in challenging environments and with constrained resources.
Our process begins with researching the need, and continues with establishing a feasibility test,
building a prototype, manufacturing, supporting and maintaining.
Throughout the various stages of the process we maintain close contact with our customers from consultation,
through product characterization and design, development, and Turnkey deployment.

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