Algorithm Development

In the heart of every complex product lies a bundle of algorithms. We have deep understanding in many scientific fields and can dive into your algorithms to improve and service them. Efcom can offer theoretical research and algorithm development from scratch to fit most of your needs.

EfCom optimizes existing algorithms and develops new algorithms for real-time systems, maintaining strict performance standards. We have proven experience in algorithm development and implementation for commercial use.

EfCom does advanced work in image/signal processing (for real-time platforms or PC based systems), machine vision, visual inspection system and statistical algorithms.

High-tech companies are highly dependent on efficient mathematical algorithm development: EfCom is uniquely qualified to provide advanced algorithm solutions to optimally resolve the individual problems of our clients.

As electronic systems increase in complexity, time-to-market pressures are doubling as well. There is increasing demand for top-notch algorithm development tools to aid the designer (electronic design automation or EDA tools). Most DSP systems combine traditional electronic design (e.g., hardware and software) with design elements that are specific to signal processing – a field that requires especially effective algorithm development tools.

Whether it is a cell phone, a traffic light controller, or an industrial machine stamping out widgets, it requires advanced algorithm mathematics to perform signal processing or control function.

EfCom effectively combined desktop algorithm design with embedded engineering through unified software language, which streamlines design-to-implementation and potentially reduces the steps and staff involved.

We use Matlab and similar tools to perform algorithm development or run simulations before making system-engineering decisions, recommend design trade-offs and choose the optimal implementation path.

We offer superior algorithm solutions.