Industry automation processes are rigorous and require function-specific software solutions. Only robust software for manufacturing and production allow companies to enjoy lean manufacturing and stay competitive. The result of those industrial automation solutions is consistent level of quality, better safety, and regulatory compliance.  With over 10 years’ experience in creating and deploying custom software for various industries, Efcom is best positioned to transform your company and provide real value that trickles down to customers.


Companies in the manufacturing industries face a number of challenges that lower their competitiveness. Notable ones include operational inefficiencies and poor monitoring plus control of manufacturing processes. Overreliance on human input and difficulty harnessing big data to inform strategic decisions are other bottlenecks that companies ought to overcome.

Don’t let any of these challenges lower your profitability. Efcom can provide you with industrial automation solutions that will automate your production processes. We have supplied manufacturers of consumer goods and equipment, heavy industries and other, machines and custom software that have helped them boost efficiency and capture market share. From automation software implementation to work flow design and optimization, we’ll ensure that our integrated solution gives you a competitive edge in the market.


Various industries require software that performs specific functions and meets regulatory requirements. Software that’s designed for oil and gas may not work best for transportation or pulp and paper manufacturing. At Efcom, we develop industry-specific automation solutions that address the unique production needs and challenges of customers.  We have expertise in creating and integrating relevant software in various systems that work with automation hardware such as: Data acquisition, PLC, motion, machine vision, automation and control, spectrometry, lasers, print heads, microscopy, marking and engraving and other. The development solution we provide are based on Windows, Linux, ARMs, microprocessor based systems, simulations, Matlab, Labview etc. From powering connected factories to field service and product information management, our software slashes costs, drives up productivity, and enhances customer experience.

Our capabilities:

  • Consulting for industry automation solutions System engineering
  • Industrial automation solutions
  • Automation and monitoring software development
  • Factory software implementation;
  • Integration with hardware/platforms
  • Migration of legacy application
  • Software maintenance & support;
  • Application portfolio management;
  • Software testing and quality assurance;
  • Knowledge transfer and application ownership;
  • Independent software verification and validation.


Efcom core team of engineers and lead software developers have more than 100 years combined experience in developing software and enterprise applications for various industries. No matter how complex your problem is, you can count on them to create and deploy a software solution that will enhance production efficiency and reduce operational costs.  Over the years, our experts have worked on various industrial projects including creating software for desktops and embedded devices. They’re familiar with the latest tools and development techniques. By tapping their experience, you can shorten project timescale and delivery cost.


Operational safety and user security is a major concern for businesses in the manufacturing industry. Software needs to be robustly designed and built to prevent loss of intellectual property and company secrets. The greatest threat comes from hackers or rogue employees use backdoors to steal vital information. Efcom software security experts can help you validate and resolve issues that could jeopardize your software security. Our experts can help you comply with standards such as ISO 20000, ISO 27000, and OWASP. Talk to us if you need.

  • System security evaluation
  • Security testing;
  • Vulnerability impact analysis;
  • Digital information/assets protection.

Life-long Support for Industry Software

Enhancing software reliability and efficiency is the key to creating sustainable processes. When you have software assets, it’s important to work with a partner that can provide you continual diagnostic, analytics, and faults/error management. Our advanced technologies and expertise in software support can reduce operational downtime. We’re committed to safeguarding your investment and providing insightful information that will inform your strategic decisions. Whether you need an overhaul of operational software, implementation of ERP, or software patches to fix bugs, we guarantee lifetime support.