Developing software for medical devices and healthcare industry has become increasingly complex. Hospitals and health professionals are required to use FDA-approved devices and certified software and systems that guarantee quality patient care and proper information management. For manufacturers to be successful, they ought to understand market needs and understand every aspect of full-cycle development. Only a trusted partner like Efcom can guide you and help you deploy functional and effective medical device software to fulfil patient’s needs and regulatory requirements.

Custom Solutions for Medical Devices and Healthcare

Efcom develops a range of solutions that power medical devices, process management, and healthcare data management. Our software solutions are useful for clinical trials, research, medication, and disease management as well. We have the capacity to engineer and develop custom software for various applications:

Our key solutions:

  • Clinical data repository
  • Unified healthcare information system
  • Medical Imaging systems
  • Real-time embedded and user interfaces
  • Medical device motion control (high and low power)
  • Data acquisition and processing
  • Healthcare user interfaces (on Windows and Unix)
  • PET/CT and MRI
  • Interoperability platform
  • IoT for medical devices (connectivity including Wi-fi)

Software development capabilities

Efcom can step in at any phase of product development and help you create safe, reliable, and compliant software for any medical device or product. Our engineers will work closely with your team to understand your needs, design requirements, and development challenges. We cover every aspect of product development:

  • Design & conceptualization
  • Prototyping
  • Algorithm development
  • Firmware development
  • Re-engineering
  • Software verification & validation
  • third party module integration and testing
  • certification support for various standards

Experts in medical device software development

Efcom engineers are licensed to develop software for medical device companies. Our solutions enable health professionals and medics to access, analyse, and store clinical information and patient data in real time. Using robust tools and agile programming, we’re able to create software that meets FDA expectations. We’re flexible to beat time and development constraints ensuring your software is approved faster and deployed in reasonable time.

Our experience and expertise in developing user interfaces for medical systems, embedded software, and software for electronic devices puts us at a good position to tackle your project satisfactorily. We employ first principles in algorithm development and perform modelling as well as simulation to uncover issues in both architecture and performance. Our engineers are well-grounded in user task analysis something that enables them to understand user needs before embarking on development.

No risks – always on time and schedule

Whenever we work on a software development project, our development team always keeps customers updated on their progress. We’ll never leave you in the dark at any phase be it modelling, development, or documentation. Our engineers and developers will keep you informed and up to date every step of the way. You’ll never worry about risk or delays because we employ the best practises and always stay of schedule.

Being experts, we understand the best practises and adhere to safety assurance principles when creating software. We love challenges. So you can rest assured our engineers can tackle your design or development problems quickly and professionally. We’ll work with you closely and guide you every step of the way. The outcome is that you will have a product that’s not only safe and secure but fully compliant to safety and government regulations.