Algorithms are employed in almost every facet of life and business from PC-based games and simulation applications to B2B software and industrial process control. Since the early 90s, algorithms have been employed to support the modeling, simulation, and development of industry-specific software and systems. Today application-specific algorithms are used in domains like computational finance, control design, signal processing, marketing analytics, missile defense, and space systems modeling.

Algorithm Development

Efcom provides consulting and development of efficient algorithms and data structures. Our algorithms & signal processing experts cover every aspect of algorithm development. We go the nine yards from defining problems to model development and design to verification and analysis culminating in the implementation of solutions that meets your needs. We can assist you to create custom algorithms for various markets such as healthcare, manufacturing, recruitment, and defense.

Our capabilities:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Image and video processing
  • Audio Processing Data Processing
  • Analytics
  • Optimization

Are you creating new hardware? Leverage the expertise of Efcom engineers to create algorithm for your product and enjoy timely support for future upgrades. Designs are created from ongoing research on the latest hardware platform. We consider many aspects of the hardware including GPGPUs, coprocessors, CPUs, tolerances, communication networks, and architecture. You can rest assured that our custom algorithms will address the configuration specification of any environment and factor specific problem types.

Why Choose Us

Efcom engineers and algorithm experts can help validate designs, explore alternative design, and distribute algorithm in a way that best suits your application. By working with us, we can shorten the process of developing embedded software and systems.

  • First principles thinking – our algorithm experts employ original mathematical thinking to solving signal processing problems. This allows us to solve problems that would have been considered impossible or impractical via text book approach.
  • Agile programming – we use dedicated software such as Matlab and reliable computing tools to implement algorithm design. Our choice and flexibility in working with various languages shortens the time taken to create a solution.
  • Expert implementation – we not only explore best mathematical solution to your problem but leverage proven technologies. Our engineers can implement complex algorithms in a cost-effective manger into low and high power processors.
  • Rigorous verification – Relevant testing is immensely important in testing designs based for new algorithms. We employ a custom server to perform tests on isolate elements of a system something that allows us to simulate different conditions that you won’t possibly achieve in a typical laboratory environment.