Machine Vision Systems

Machine vision systems are an integral part of the modern security, manufacturing, and industrial processes. Heralded as one of the major technological breakthroughs, vision systems have enabled companies to improve quality control standards during manufacturing and assembly of hardware. The outcome is a cheaper, efficient, and faster production and improved capacity to adhere fully to industrial and government regulations.

What are Machine Vision Systems?

Chances are you have heard of vision systems but don’t know what it is all about. Simply put, machine vision system refers to an assembly of cameras, microprocessors, and software used to guide industrial processes or inspect products during manufacturing to ensure they meet the required quality threshold. Typical vision systems integrate hardware and software to create various types of industrial interfaces and processes. Using vision systems, manufacturers can visually inspect, identify, gauge or guide assembly processes in real-time without human intervention.

Application of Machine Vision Systems

Machine vision systems are widely used in various applications such as inspection of devices, gauging, guidance, and identification purposes. They are used extensively in a variety of manufacturing and heavy industries across the world. Notable uses include:

  • Robot guidance/positioning
  • Hard tooling
  • Defect detections (cracks and voids)
  • Surface quality inspections
  • Assembly verification
  • Parts identification and tracking
  • Inspecting packaging integrity
  • Full scale traceability (in manufacturing)

Existing Vision Based Solutions

Currently, there are various types of machine vision systems in the market. Systems vary depending on design, components, and configuration. Some of the popular types of vision systems include:

  • Smart cameras – combine 3 key components a sensor, processor, and I/O into a compact package. Most come with extension products such as image control, expanded I/O, and control interfaces. They are suitable for one inspection view or where user control is required.
  • Compact vision systems – comprise of processors and Industrial I/O in a small compact housing. Multiple cameras can be added to controllers allowing them to share processors and I/O over long cables. Ideal and cost-effective in settings where multiple-cameras are required.
  • Embedded systems – automated controllers that comprise of industrial cameras with distributed industrial communication systems and multicore PC. They are commonly used in machine vision applications such as automated packaging inspection, assembly line verification, and high-speed sorting.
  • PC-based libraries- typical systems operate through an interface between a camera and computer. Interfacing can be done using consumer ports such as USB while others require camera interface cards (frame grabbers). Offers greater processing power and is capable of executing complex operations at significantly high speeds.

Robust and Affordable Machine Vision Systems

Efcom is a respectable machine vision systems integrator with a solid reputation in the field. We are at the forefront of developing custom machine vision technology and have an impressive portfolio to back our credentials. From setting up single smart camera systems to integrating sophisticated multiple camera applications, Efcom has the capacity to implement a complete and successful machine vision solution for your business. We serve numerous clients in various industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Semiconductor
  • General manufacturing
  • Food packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Defense

Efcom leverages its expertise in the field to deliver machine vision hardware and software for various applications. Our customers know use for offering robust and scalable solutions that satisfy diverse needs. Whether you require a new setup, upgrade, extension to an existing system, or integration of a complete system into part assembly and packaging process, we are capable of delivering vision-based solutions that match your quality requirements and budget.

Are you struggling to achieve better quality controls during manufacturing or inspection? Tap our expertise and leverage our vision systems and you will be able to achieve a high degree of precision and accuracy during manufacturing. We can tailor solutions to help you achieve 100% quality control in manufacturing and to lower the cost of production, ensuring customers get superior products.