IOT (Internet of things)

Internet of Things (IOT) provides businesses and organizations with an opportunity to connect processes, systems, and people seamlessly. The interconnection between systems, gadgets, and processes in the IoT ecosystems has been heralded for creating an awesome and fulfilling user experiences.  By embracing IoT, you can change the way people interact with devices and unlock business value.

IoT for Smart Consumer Products

Efcom can help your business or company harness the immense power of IoT for consumer products. We can develop mobile (android/iOS) apps, web, or desktop software app with a cloud-based service that “talk” via RFID or Wi-fi, Bluetooth, ZLE, or infrared. Simply choose your hardware and firmware and specify your preferred cloud-based service (Azure, AWs, or Google cloud). We’ll make the interface user-friendly so that anyone can visualize and understand the data. From concept development to interface design and autonomous systems development, our IoT experts will deliver smart solutions that beat the constraints of cost and schedule.

We understand that the IoT ecosystem is fragmented and this requires businesses to deal with different vendors. To address this challenge, Efcom has created a robust set of tools and services to assist business unlock their true business value.  We inject life to applications, enabling customers to sync their device, gadgets, sensors, business data, and cloud services.

Backed by robust suite of tools, they can help you create, connect, and service smart products efficiently as well as securely. You can count on them to rapidly develop new IoT applications that meet your needs and add value to existing ones. Whether you want to enhance the capabilities of existing applications or integrate devices with sensors and cloud services, we have your needs covered.

Our IoT Services and Solutions

IoT Consulting – Tap the experience and know-how of strategic and technical advisors to create solutions that are secure, compliant, and in alignment with business or organization goals. We have an elaborate IoT framework and follow a well-defined roadmap that allows us to map business needs.

IoT Implementation –  Once we understand your needs, we can deploy IoT solutions to match them. We offer full turn key solution, from the sensor board electronics via firmware and mobiles apps and all the way to server and user experience. Our IoT service includes system integration and implementation of trusted partner products.

IoT Management – Each IoT solution that has been deployed needs to be managed so that it can function optimally and securely. Our team can assist you with device management, system security, and cloud enablement.

Why Us – The Efcom Advantage

At Efcom, we employ model-based approach and mash-up tools to support rapid application development. That allows us to tailor and deploy IoT apps with complete data management and analysis capabilities much faster than competitors. We also use advanced cloud-based service to manage connected products. All our IoT solutions are built natively and designed to deliver satisfactory user experience.  Our clients know us for:

  • Proven IoT solutions
  • Employ open industry leading standards
  • Versatile architecture which support different connectivity patterns
  • Secure IOT solutions that integrate components of reputable security players
  • Modular approach to support rapid technological changes
  • Low power optimization on Hw and Fw layers
  • Support for customers