Code analyses / Software Validation / Verification

Anyone can write a program, but not anyone can write it to scale. Some may say that time can show how reliable and scalable a code is, we believe that proper design and analysis can prevent future bugs and full refactoring. Badly validated products are cheap to produce but prove to be a bad investment when recalls and bugs are at stake. We offer proper code analysis and validation services for your code as well as hardware verification and profiling.

Source code analysis and software validation are critical to the success of software development. They’re not just essential for correctness or efficiency but vital in system certification. Efcom offers a full range of verification and validation services which include design review, code inspections, requirement analysis, and formal validation. We have assembled a team of experts ready to tackle any software verification and validation project.

Source Code Analysis

Static code analysis is widely-recognized as the best way of verifying the integrity of software. Code analyses can help you find and optimize code so that you can eliminate unused or unnecessary fragments that eats up memory. If your organization has code assets for software, you should always review them for vulnerabilities, weak authentication, backdoors, and security issues.

For a static analysis to live to expectations, it must be undertaken within a company’s environment. A skilled Efcom validation expert will carry out on-site code analyses for new installation and operational software. Our aim is to enable clients create robust and reliable software that meets the quality threshold and expectations of users. We can help you perform code analyses for software built with C#, C/C++,, or Java.

Verification Services

Statistics indicate that the cost of fixing defects in software increase as software development professes. Efcom software verification service is designed to uncover and reduce defects at each step of software development. We use effective verification methods and tools that allow us to reduce the likelihood of a recall or patches when your product enters the market. Our experts have access to a suite of verification tools such as PC-lint, Mantis Bug tracker, ClearQuest, and Imagix that lets you verify software swiftly and efficiently.

  • Design Reviews
  • Code Inspections/Walkthroughs
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing

Software Validation Services

Validating software is important in ensuring developers built the right product based on customer requirements and market needs. We perform testing and validation using SiL and HiL systems. During validation, we use a structured approach to ensure software meets regulatory and reliability requirements. Our aim is to help testers understand the product better and to provide you with insight to make it more user-friendly. Our capabilities include:

  • Validation Testing
  • Off-the-Shelf Software Validation – OTSS
  • Regression Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Requirement Traceability Analysis
  • Automated Testing

If you need automated testing, we’re happy to create test script for HiL validation based on your requirements and desired test scenarios. We follow laid down specifications and unit testing requirements when validating embedded software. Each validation culminates in a thorough and conclusive report of findings plus recommendations.

Hire Skilled Software Validators

Our software validators have real-world experience testing and validating embedded software, gadgets, and automotive tools. You can count on them to beat cost constraints and time-to-market requirements for new products. Backed by a set of tested and high-quality procedures, they will ensure that each verification and validation is performed to required standards.

Code analysis is a boring and repetitive task. Only a software tester who is patient and attentive can hunt down and document each bug. Software testing experts at Efcom can perform comprehensive code analyses for any system software, patches, or software drivers. Our seasoned validation experts blend critical thinking and curiosity to ensure your software remains bug-free and reliable. From input validation logic to memory management and API calls, they will review and scrutinize each line of code. Rest assured nothing will be left unmasked.

Over the years, we have worked with organizations in the health, defence, and aviation industry and we understand the strict regulations governing the deployment and use of industry-specific software. Efcom verification and validation services ensure businesses and organizations attain the highest level of safety and functional compliance.

Get Your Software Tested and Verified

Is your company using third party source code in its software? We are happy to vigorously test the quality of code behind it. Our software audit service can help you determine the quality and security of any third party code that runs along internally produced code. Our testers can come on-site to analyse code for security and quality defects and create a report of their findings.