Rapid Development

Schedules can be sometimes very tight and unexpected. Sometimes there are only a few weeks to design, produce, program and test a feature or a complete device. Coordinating teams and various sub-contractors will simply not deliver in time. Efcom houses a team of highly talented experts, their experience allows them to complete a well-coordinated list of tasks for a close presentation, exhibition or any other close delivery. We can complete a full demo cycle in extremely short times.

Undaunted by time limits, EfCom has immense experience developing pressing projects: POC development, demo systems, systems for exhibition, etc.

Similarly great experience in urgently eliminating bugs and adding critical features to existing systems, accelerating release to market.

Our software engineers work around the clock to ensure on-time delivery and results to satisfy the most demanding of clients.

The most prominent advantages of Rapid Development (RAD):

  • Vitally shorter development time;
  • Lower costs;
  • High quality.

Rapid development minimizes feature creep by developing short-interval miniature projects and releasing products in small increments.
In rapid development most of the design is incremental and happens on the fly, minimizing the costs of changes and allowing flexible introduction of necessary changes any time during the process.
Through RAD, EfCom Captures the voice of the customer by involving them in the design and development of the application through a series of collaborative workshops.
Rapid development allows minimalist solutions and delivers functionality earlier (80% today is better than 100% tomorrow).
Rapid development improves:

  • productivity in teams previously paralyzed by heavy “process”
  • ability to prioritize work
  • utilization of backlog for completing items in a series of short iterations or sprints
  • daily measured progress and communications.

RAD promotes strong collaborative atmosphere and dynamic gathering of requirements.
Experience is crucial for efficient rapid software development: experienced with challanging time limits, EfCom has the proven skills developing pressing projects: POC development, demo systems, systems for exhibition, etc.