Software and hardware solutions

Our belief in Efcom is that the only way to develop a truly good product is to have a great team. Over the years we assembled a wide variety of software and hardware experts under one roof. Our team is specialized in delivering swift yet reliable and creative solutions whether its software, hardware or combined systems.

Efcom relies on a high level of creativity, on the extensive and diverse background of its team members and on sound methodology that boasts over a hundred satisfied customers, to deliver a wide range of top-quality software-based solutions and their integration with hardware, within competitive time frames.

The various software we design include:

Skillful integration with hardware components requires years of experience. Take a look at the numerous hardware components we have successfully performed integration with: EfCom Software Solutions has the experience and the skill.

We work closely with hardware manufacturers, selecting the hardware which best answers the client’s demands (cameras, optics, sensors, DAQ  devices, etc.) or utilizing client-selected components.

With extensive software-and-hardware experience and marketing sensitivity, we place your project optimally in the current software-development market.


The systems we developed involved integrating different hardware devices such as:

Motion & PLC Controllers
Cameras, Vision systems
Industrial Automation Systems
Barcode, RFID, Magnetic Readers
Lasers, Spectrometers
Print heads/Ink systems
Industrial Markers
DAQ and I/O devices
Specialized lab equipment
User developed hardware
3rd party software packages
Other devices